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Practice TONIGHT

Seymour. August 11- There will be an open practice tonight, Tuesday, August 11, at the Seymour Speedway fr5om 5 – 8.


Anyone wishing to get seat time or test and tune can take advantage of the open track time. 


Cost is $15.00 per person to enter the pit.


Grandstand is open FREE to anyone wishing to watch.


Don’t forget, a full regular program is on tap for this Sunday, August 16.    Racing this week sponsored by Beavers Hut of Freedom.

This week is also Fan Appreciation Night at the Seymour Speedway.   ALL general admission will only be $5.00.    Get your family, buddies, strangers off the street and treat them to a GREAT night of racing action Sunday night.   Racing starts at 6.


August 9 results

Seymour, August 9-  Well over an inch of rain on Friday helped produce a heavy, tacky track at the Seymour Speedway Sunday night.  The racing was fast and very competitive as a result.


Kelsey Coatings and 1st Choice Auto Sales sponsored the very full program that produced five repeat feature winners and one first timer in 2015.


All feature winners were presented with the 5’ tall, Kim Parsons Memorial trophy, to promote organ and tissue donation.


The O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods were up first for their feature event.   Tailar Ness set the pace from the pole, after an opening lap caution.     Bruce Beland , Russell Franks, Travis Arenz, Jeremy Cota and Dennis Meisler dropped in behind.     Ness opened a lead on the field until Cota pulled into the runner up spot on lap 11 and slowly closed the gap on the leader.     For several laps, the pair ran side by side for the top spot until the caution appeared on lap 18, setting up a 2 lap dash.

Ness continued to set the pace after the restart but Cota turned up the power and on the final lap was able to pull even out of turn 2 and held the outside line out of the final turn to take the victory at the finish line.     Ness took his best finish at second with Beland taking third.   Current point leader, Lucas Lamberies took fourth with  J.J. Andersen and Arenz  rounding out the top six.


The Turbo Blue Street Stocks lined up and when all was said and done, clicked off a non-stop contest.   Tony Everard grabbed the lead at the start with  Paul Ambrosius second, Matt Warner, Harley Diedrick, Jeff Jungwirth  and Jared Spaulding behind.   Ambrosius took the top spot on lap 4 as the field sorted out behind.   Ryan Blank worked his way from mid field into the runner up spot on lap 9 and into the lead on the following lap.   Once in front, it was check out time as he drove off to collect his 3rd feature win of the season.   Ambrosius held the second spot to the finish with Jungwirth and Allan Schlueter back a ways in third and fourth.   Gary Kasperik, making his first run in several seasons at Seymour, came from the rear to place fifth. Everard rounded out the top six.


Just after the first lap was completed in the Budwesier IMCA Modified feature, a six car pile-up occured exiting turn 2.    No one was injured but championship contender, Mike Wedelstadt was involved and was not able to continue. 

Trevor Spaulding continued to lead the field after the restart with  Lance Arenson, Konnor Wilinski, Jay Matthias, Chad Bartel and  Eric Scribner behind.    Arneson took the lead on lap 4 and set the pace until rookie contender, Wilinski, powered by on the outside to take the lead on lap 10 and led the field until a spin brought the race to a halt on lap 12.     Wilinski had Matthias, Arneson , Scribner, Jerry Wilinski and Eric Arneson in line for the restart.   The battle for the top spot was a thriller with Wilinski holding the inside line and Matthias trying the outside line.    Wilinski held the lead until Matthias was finally able to pull alongside and be scored the leader on lap 17.   It took 2 more laps to secure the lead and he drove  to collect his first Seymour feature win since August 18, 2013.   Wilinski took the runner up spot followed by Scribner, Eric Arneson, Lance Arneson, and Spaulding.


Ron Otto led the opening lap of the Coors Light IMCA Stock Car main with Mike Schmidt taking charge on the second lap.       Schmidt led the way while Rod Snellenberger, point leader, Travis Van Straten, Kyle Frederick and Barry Van Straten worked from mid field to the front.    Schmidt and Snellenberger ran side by side for a couple laps with Travis Van Straten right behind looking for an opening.     Van Straten was able to sneak inside both drivers on lap 11 and for the rest of the race it was a dog fight between the pair, running side by side with Snellenberger with Frederick and Schmidt right behind.    On lap 18 as the group was in the middle of three and four, there was contact  that forced Snellenberger to slip up and the back of the car broke lose,  He was tagged by Frederick which sent him spinning to the infield causing the lone caution of the race with a pair of laps left.   Ferederick was called for the incident and Snellenberger was put back in front of the field.

The battle continued for the final 2 laps with Snellenberger able to hold off Van Straten to claim his third feature win of the season and also ended Van Stratens string of three straight.   Schmidt took third with Devin Snellenberger taking fourth.  Otto and Chas Van Ooyen rounded out the top six.


Carl King took the lead at the start of the 4 Cylinder nightcap and opened a lead during the early laps.  Jeremy Czarapata, Tanner Westphal, Tyler Hungerford, and Kasey Gross were running in a tight pack working to the front and were closing on the leader when a lone caution appeared on lap 10 for a stalled car and did the job.     The bunched field took the green for the final 5 laps and Westphal, the current point leader, was able to get to the outside and swept into the lead out of turn 2.    With the bunch again forming for the runner up spot, Westphal was able to pull away and collect his second feature win of the season.     Matt Brehmer made a late race charge and was able to secure the runner up finish with King taking third.   Hungerford, Gross and Jordan Klemmer rounded out the top six.


The Milwaukee Vintage Stock Car club was in town and put 12 cars out for thei feature.   In the end, it was Rod Snellenberger, driving the Bob Schampers  coupe, a replica of the one Rod’s dad drove, starting in the rear and passed into the lead on lap 9.     He collected the win in front of Bruce Podlich.


Brandon “Smokey” Van Ooyen swept the Thunder Truck action.


Next week, Sunday, August 16, will be a special Fan Appreciation night with the racing program sponsored by Beavers Hut of Freedom.    

All admissions next week will be $5.00.     So grab a friend, or two, or better yet, someone new to the Seymour Speedway, and help fill the grandstand for another night of exciting racing action on the 1/3 mile banked clay oval.


Reminder, there will be an open practice at the Speedway, this Tuesday, August 11, from 5 – 8.



                                    BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap feature  l. Jay Matthias, Green Bay  2 . Konnor Wilinski, Seymour   3. Eric Scribner, Lena   4. Eric Arneson, Oconto   5. Lance Arneson, Oconto Falls  6. Trevor Spaulding, Greenville

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour   2. Spaulding

Second  l. Rob Charapata, Oconto   2. Konnor Wilinski


                                         COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski   2. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville   3. Mike Schmidt, Shawano  4. Devin Snellenberger, Pualski   5. Ron Otto, Freedom   6. Chas Van Ooyen, Appleton

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Devin Snellenberger  2. Otto

Second  l. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton  2. Chris Lowenhager, Kaukauna

Third  l. Schmidt   2. Rod Snellenberger


                                                O’REILLY AUTO PARTS IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l. Jeremy Cota, Oconto Falls   2. Tailar Ness, Denmark   3.Bruce Beland, Eagle River   4. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville   5. J.J. Andersen, Green Bay   6. Travis Arenz, Sheboygan

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Kevin Bethke, Neenah   2. Russell Franks, Richland Center

Second  l. Ness  2. Arenz


                                                Turbo blue street stocks

20 Lap Feature  l. Ryan Blank, Greenville   2. Paul Ambrosius, Seymour   3. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh   4.  Allan Schluter, Oconto   5. Gary Kasperik, Shawano   6. Tony Everard, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats First  l. Jared Spaulding, Shiocton   2. Jungwirth

Second  l. Schlueter   2. Everard


                                                4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  l  Tanner Westphal, Clintonville   2. Matt Brehmer, Pulaski  3. Carl King, Clintonville   4. Tyler Hungerford, Freedom   5. Kasey Gross, Gleason  6. Jordan Klemmer, Oshkosh

8 Lap Heats  First  l.Tim Stueck, Clintonville  2. Jeremy Czarapata, Krakow

Second  l. Brehmer   2. Westphal


                                                THUNDER TRUCKS

Heat and  Feature    Brandon Van Ooyen


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