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September 6 - Race Report

Seymour, September 6 - A great way to close the 2009 season Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.  A perfect night for the final leg of the Summer Holiday Classic series, sponsored by Auto Pro Express of Fremont.  A quality field of 151 cars did battle on a smooth, fast track before a good holiday weekend crowd.

thumb_sey_20090906_082The headline WDLMA Late Model division put 24 cars on the grid for the 30 lap main event.  Justin Ritchie took the lead at the start with Paul Parker dropping in right behind.  The pair immediately opened a lead on the field.  Parker took the inside line and Ritchie ran outside for several laps, which allowed Nick Anvelink to close in on the leaders once he broke into third on lap 6. thumb_sey_20090906_058 Anvelink took the high line and swept into the lead on lap 11.  With Anvelink pulling away from the pack, A.J. Diemel was working from mid pack and took 3rd on lap 13 and moved into the runner up spot 1 lap later.  He set out after Anvelink and closed in behind on lap 17.  Lapped traffic was coming into play and 1 lap later, Diemel was able to sneak between a couple lapped cars and overtook Anvelink for the lead on lap 18.

The lone caution for a spin on lap 19 regrouped the field and gave Anvelink a clear shot at the leader.  Under green again, Diemel took off and left the field to battle behind.  Anvelink also opened a gap on the field as well.

Ritchie, Paul Parker, Terry Anvelink, Pete Parker and Ron Berna swapped positions several times over the final 10 laps.  Terry Anvelink moved into third for good on lap 22, and Pete and Paul Parker put on a show for fourth the rest of the way.

Diemel claimed his third straight feature win to sweep the inaugural Summer Holiday Classic event.  Nick Anvelink took the runner up finish with Terry Anvelink taking third.  Paul Parker won the battle with dad to finish fourth.  Ritchie rounded out the top six.

thumb_sey_20090906_072The Street Stock division completed their point season with their feature event with three drivers within 10 points taking the green flag.  Jeremy Wiitala started outside pole. Point leader, Todd Everard sat inside row 2, and David Hoerning started deep in the field in 15th after a spin in the heat race.  A couple cautions before the first lap was completed slowed the pace but on the third try, the race went non stop.  Wiitala took charge first with Everard moving into the runner up spot on lap 2.  The pair ran side by side for a few laps with Everard staying low and Wiitala keeping pace outside.  On lap 5, Everard moved ahead and after a few more laps, secured the top spot.  From the mid point on, the race was for third.  Ed Anschutz was holding third with Aaron Melchert and Hoerning behind.  Hoerning  moved into third on lap 14 and started to close on the leaders, but ran out of laps to mount a challenge.  Everard led the rest of the way and secured his first career track title by winning his division leading 7th feature of the season.  Wiitala and Hoerning finished behind the leader with Anschutz, Melchert and Matt Drawenek rounding out the top 6. 
Everard garner 606 point during the season with Hoerning taking second in the standings with 597.  Wiitala, was the 2008 defending champion, finished third 11 points behind with 595.  Of the 16 features run this season, these top 3 drivers accounted for 15 wins.

thumb_sey_20090906_085The 4 Cylinder division also completed their point season, although the top spot was final last week.  Jason Cornelius led the first 5 laps before Dean DeKeyser was able to take over the top spot on lap 6.  DeKeyser was able to open a lead and ;leave the battle for the runner up spot.  Cornelius, Sam Ambrosius, point leader and 2 time champion, Kevin Birr, Tony Everard and Brian Johnson were bunched for second.  DeKeyser held the top spot to claim his 3rd feature win of the season.  Cornelius, Birr, Ambrosius, Everard and Johnson finished the top six.  Cornelius failed a post race inspection which moved Wayne Hansen onto the top six.

Birr became the first repeat division champion in the 7 years the division was started here.  He finished with a 57 point margin, 605-548, over Logan Sobieck in second.

thumb_sey_20090906_066The IMCA Stock Cars put 24 cars on the grid after qualifying 41 entries.  Exactly half the field were regular competitors this season with the other half  first or second time runners.  The mix pitted the best from the area in a great race.

thumb_sey_20090906_081Shawn Havel slipped into the top spot at the start with Greg Gutt, Larry Karcz, Jr, Mike Gilson, Bill Kelsey, Mike Asenbrenner and Troy Muench behind.  The front pack stayed tight and when the first caution appeared on lap 8, Havel was still in control with Brian Bruechert now in second, after starting 12th.  Muench, Gutt, Gilson, Darren Otto and Karcz were behind.  The race at the front stayed tight to the final caution on lap 13.  Havel continued to lead after the final restart with Bruechert glued to the rear bumper.  Muench, Karcz, Gutt and Charlie Kroll were in line.

On lap 15, Bruechert was able to sneak inside the leader in turn 2, and for the final three laps, was able to hold off Havel to win his first ever feature race at Seymour.  Havel was right behind in second with Karcz taking third, Muench fourth, Gutt and Otto rounding out the top six.

thumb_sey_20090906_077The Budweiser IMCA Modified field also boasted half the field as new comers with James Tebon scored as the leader on the opening lap, followed by Todd Dart, Lance Arneson, Shawn Kilgore, Chris Engels and Jeremy Jacobs. thumb_sey_20090906_059Dart took over the top spot on lap 3 and endured  a pair of cautions on laps 4 and 7, before the race went to the finish.  After the final restart, Dart was still in command with Engels, Jason Czarapata, 2 time track champion, Benji LaCrosse, Marcus Yarie and Arneson behind.  Dart opened a lead while LaCrosse moved into the runner up spot on lap 10.  LaCrosse closed in on Dart and for a few laps, the pair ran side by side before LaCrosse was able to take control of the lead on lap 16.  LaCrosse set the pace to the finish and followed up his season opening  win with the final checkered flag of the season.  Dart took second with Czarapata finishing third.  Arneson and Engels were next with Tim Van De Hei coming through the field from the final starting spot to round out the top six.

The IMCA Sport Mod main saw Jason Guyette take charge at the start followed by Jamie Goffard, Josh Long, Rob Charpata, Eric Arneson and Brandon Long.  From lap 5 to 9, there were a string of 5 cautions that kept the field bunched.  The final restart on lap 10, set up a 10 lap run to the finish.  Guyette was still leading with Clint Forstner now in the runner up spot.  Arneson, Jeremy Cota, Travis Cain and Goffard were behind.

On lap 12, Forstner was able to pull into the lead and held off Guyette for the final 8 laps to win his first career Seymour main, in only his second night at the track.  Guyette was second with Arneson, Cota, Cain and Jeff Schmuhl rounding out the top six.

This was the final race of the season at the Seymour Speedway.  N.E.W. DIRT would like to THANK all drivers, crews, fans and sponsors for their solid support that helped make the 26th season a success.






30 Lap feature

1. A.J. Diemel, Navarino  2. Nick Anvelink, Navarino  3. Terry Anvelink, Navarino  4. Paul Parker, Appleton  5, Pete Parker, Kaukauna  6. Justin Ritchie, New London

10 Lap Heats

First: 1. Chris Oertel, Marshfield  2. Ron Berna, Green Bay

Second: 1. Diemel  2. Tom Naeyaert, Shawano

Third: 1. Pete Parker  2. Nick Anvelink



20 Lap Feature

1. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay  2. Todd Dart, Algoma  3. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski  4. Lance Arneson, Krakow  5. Chris Engels, Green bay  6. Tim Van De Hei, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Dart  2. Shawn Kilgore, Kewaunee

Second: 1. LaCrosse  2. Engels

Third: 1. Jeremy Jacobs, Algoma  2. Dean Maurer, DePere



20 Lap feature

1. Brian Bruechert, Kewaunee 2. Shawn Havel, Algoma  3. Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski  4. Troy Muench, Sturgeon Bay  5. Greg Gutt, Clintonville  6. Darren Otto, Green Bay

12 Lap Consy

First: 1. Von Eytcheson, Algoma  2. Tony Bouche, Algoma  3. Paul White, Green Bay  4. Jamie Becks, Appleton

Second: 1. Todd True, Gillett  2. Jon Wolf, Green Bay  3. Greg Aregoni, Sturgeon Bay,  4. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Scott Vanprooyen  2. Tyler Smith

Second: 1. Bill Kelsey, Luxemburg  2. Gutt

Third: 1. Havel  2. Bruechert

Fourth: 1. Karcz, Jr  2. Muench



20 Lap Feature

1. Todd Everard, Green bay  2. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay  3. Davis Hoerning, Appleton  4. Ed Anschutz, Algoma  5 Aaron Melchert, Black Creek  6. Matt Drawenek, Kaukauna

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Joe Johnson, Seymour  2. Melchert

Second: 1. Wiitala  2. Anschutz



20 Lap Feature

1.Clint Forstner, Tilleda  2. Jason Guyette, Black Creek  3. Jeremy Cota, Oconto  4. Eric Arneson, Oconto  5. Travis Cain, Oconto  6. Jeff Schmuhl, Beaver Dam

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Brandon Long, Green Bay  2. Rob Charapata, Oconto

Second: 1. Forstner  2. Guyette



15 Lap Feature

1. Dean DeKeyser, Pulaski  2. Kevin Birr, Krakow  3. Sam Ambrosius, Pulaski  4. Tony Everard, Green Bay  5. Brian Johnson. Oconto Falls  6. Wayne Hanson, Krakow

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Johnson  2. Mitch Pallock, Clintonville

Second: 1. Jason Cornelius, Oneida  2. DeKeyser

Third: 1. Birr  2. Hansen


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