Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Wedelstadt, Ambrosius, Guyette and Kasperek Win at Seymour Super Speedway

Mike Wedelstadt :: IMCA Modified feature winner, 100th career IMCA Modified feature win (Seymour, WI)- Mike Wedelstadt hit a huge feat at Seymour Super Speedway in his IMCA Modified racer Sunday Night. Wedelstadt earned his 100th career IMCA Modified feature win. Other winners were Brian Ambrosius(IMCA Stockcars), Jason Guyette (IMCA Sportmods), Gary Kasperek (Street Stocks) and Brian Johnson (4 Cylinders).
 Mike Wedelstadt used his outside pole position to grab the top spot early in the IMCA Modified feature. Kyle Lentz would make his way to second and track down Wedelstadt. A lone caution on lap 7 would put the field back together. On the caution, point leader Brian Mullen would stall and be pushed off by the tow truck ending his night. Kyle Lentz used the restart to jump inside Wedelstadt and make numerous attempts down low. Wedelstadt would continue to lead with the lone exception of lap 14 where Lentz was able to lead. In the final laps, Lentz repeated going down low for the lead but couldn’t make anything stick. Lentz got one last push off turn four on the last lap but would have to settle for second. The win for Wedelstadt would be his 100th career IMCA Modified feature win. Second place man in points, Jason Czarapata would cut into Mullens lead with his third place finish. Mitch McGrath and Lance Arneson would round out the top 5.


Photos courtesy of Dan Lewis Photography


Brian Ambrosius made a quick shot from third to first on the opening corner of the IMCA Stockcar feature. Devon Snellenberger and Rod Snellenberger would quickly move to second and third. Ambrosius would half almost a straightaway lead when a caution on lap 5 would bring the field close. After a couple of restarts, Ambrosius would once again pull away from both Snellenbergers. Ambrosius would check out the rest of the way and pick up his first feature win of the season. Shawn Wagner would make a late race charge to finish second. Son and Father Snellenberger would finish third and fourth with Mitch Stankowki finishing fifth.
 Kevin Bethke was looking for a clean sweep after picking up his heat race win in the IMCA Northern Sportmod main event. Bethke would breakaway from the field but not before Jason Guyette had other thoughts. Guyette would charge to the back bumper and shoot inside for the lead on lap 10. As soon as Guyette lead the next lap a caution would waive for a tire on the track. On the restart, Guyette would get a great jump and leave the battle for second between Troy Jerovetz and
Brad Lautenbach. Lautenbach stayed on the back bumper of Jerovetz but never made an aggressive move for the pass. Guyette would pick up his first win of the season with Jerovetz and Lautenbach finishing second and third. Bethke would finish a season high fourth with Rod Solem fifth.
 Frank Groeschel would lead the opening lap of the Street Stock main before Jon Ashcraft would move into the lead using the bottom of the track. Ashcraft continued to lead until Gary Kasperek would pass him down low for the lead on lap 5. Ashcraft and Kasperek would run number to number for many laps. Kasperek would eventually take charge and go on to win the feature by nearly half a straightaway. The win was Kasperek’s third of the season. Jerry Winkler finished second, followed by Ashcraft third, point leader Dan Gracyalny fourth, and Phil Hiles fifth.
 Josh Roehl and Brian Johnson had a classic 4 Cylinder duel that would have them run side by side for the majority of the feature event. Johnson would end up winning the feature and gain the point lead. Roehl would settle for second followed by Jeff Behm, Sam Ambrosius and Wayne Hansen.
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 IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont 2. Kyle Lentz, Green Bay 3. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski 4. Mitch McGrath, Neosho 5. Lance Arneson, Krakow
 Heats- #1 1. Lentz 2. Dave Hoerning, Appleton #2 1. Arneson 2. Wedelstadt
 IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. Brian Ambrosius, Pulaski 2. Shawn Wagner, Shawano 3. Devon Snellenberger, Pulaski 4. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski 5. Mitch Stankowski, Wausau
 Heats- #1 1. Wagner 2. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay
#2 1. Paul White, Green Bay 2. Devon Snellenberger #3 1. Stankowski 2. Rod Snellenberger
 IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Jason Guyette, Black Creek 2. Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay 3. Brad Lautenbach, New Franken 4. Kevin Bethke, Neenah 5. Rod Solem, Seymour
 Heats- #1 1. Roger Van Roy, Appleton 2. Guyette
#2 1. Jerovetz 2. Lautenbach #3 1. Bethke 2. Jeremy Cota, Oconto
 Street Stock Feature- 1. Gary Kasperek, Tigerton 2. Jerry Winkler, Oshkosh 3. Jon Ashcraft, Oshkosh 4. Dan Gracyalny, Little Chute 5. Phil Hiles, Appleton
 Heats- #1 1. Derek Lecker, Black Creek 2. Winkler
#2 1. Frank Groeschel, Menasha 2. Ashcraft
 4 Cylinder Feature- 1. Brian Johnson, Oconto Falls 2. Josh Roehl, Appleton 3. Jeff Behm, Clintonville 4. Sam Ambrosius, Pulaski 5. Wayne Hansen, Krakow
 Heats- #1 1. Hansen 2. Cody Hungerford, Little Chute
#2 1. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville 2. Johnson

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