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Seymour Banquet November 8th

Seymour Speedway is fast approaching.It will be held on Saturday night, November 8th at Doxbees Banquet and Buffet.Doxbee’s is located 1 mile south of Seymour on CTY C.

The top 10 drivers in each division will be receiving trophies.Severalspecial awards will also be presented.

Cocktails from 5-6 PM.Chicken and Beef Tips dinner at 6, with awards, music and door prizes to follow.

Tickets are $25.00 per person through the club meeting on November 3rd and $30 per person after until November 7th.There will be NO tickets at the door.

Send check or money order made out to N.E.W. DIRTto:


P.O. BOX 3021


OR contact Dave at 920-231-1157 for more information.


Seymour Election meeting this Monday, October 8

Seymour, October 2- N.E.W. DIRT will be holding their monthly club meeting this Monday, October 6 at 8 PM at Doxbee’s.      The hall is located 1 mile south of Seymour on CTY C.

This is a very important club meeting as it is the annual election meeting.     The President, Treasurer are up for the executive board, with all of the rep positions and at large positions also up to set the board for next season.

All club members are urged to attend.

The club will have a more formal awards banquet to close the season this year.  

The 2014 season ending Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 8 at Doxbee’s.      Cocktails 5 – 6, chicken and beef tips dinner at 6 with the awards program to follow. 

Trophies will be presented to the top 10 in each weekly division and the top 3 in the spectator eliminators.

Free beer, music and door prizes will follow the awards.

Tickets are $25. Per person until November 3rd and $30 until November 7.  No tickets at the door.

Tickets will be available at the October meeting, use the information in the recent newsletter, or call Dave at 920-231-1157.


September 6 Results

Seymour September 6 Results


Seymour, September 6- With the point battles settled, it was an added night to just race, and it turned out to be a perfect day, clear low 70s and a smooth fast track brought out a nice field of cars to close the 2014 season Saturday night a the Seymour Speedway.

The IMCA Sport Mods put a field of 24 cars on the grid for their feature event .  It got off to a slow start with four cautions before a lsp could be put in the books.   Joey Taycher grabbed the lead from the pole followed by Beau Handschke, 2014 track champion, Jeremy Cota, Mike Dauphinais and Todd Weise.  Taycher took the inside line and Handschke hooked up outside as the pair ran side by side, with Cota sitting right behind  waiting for an opening.,    A final caution on lap 6 relined the field and on the restart, Cota was able to get that opening and pulled into the top spot.     Once in front, Cota was able to pull away as the rest of the field stayed  bunched  for second.   Taycher was still running second 2 laps later when his car broke lose out of turn 2.   He spun in front of the field and went across the track in traffic.   Fortunately,  no one made contact and the track stayed green.   The scramble allowed Cota to open a lead that he carried to the checker to cap off his championship year with his 6th feature win of the season.  Handschke drove to the second place finish, with the real battle behind for third.    Weise took third over Dauphinais.   Eric Scribner started the race in 24th  and made a strong run to finish 5th.   Scott Boyea edged Taycher for sixth.

Patty Winkler took off from the pole in the Turbo Blue Street Stock feature and after the first couple laps, as the race for second heated up, was able to start to pull away from the pack.     Lexii Ashcraft, George Tabalske and Ed Anshutz put on a show battling for second, and it wasn’t until lap 8 that Anshutz finally took the sop and looked to find Winkler a good ¼ lap ahead.  

The scenario changed with a lone caution on lap 11 for a spin, which bunched the field for the final 9 laps.   Anschutz tried the inside line for several laps but could not get enough momentum to knock Winkler from the top spot.   She finally started to open a lead again and drove off to collect here second straight feature win.       Anschutz ran alone to take the second place finish his first trip back to Seymour in a couple seasons.   The race for third was not decided until the finish line thought with Jerry Winkler taking the third place finish from Ashcraft.  Tabalske completed his best run of the season taking fifth with Alan Schueter rounding out the top six.

The Budweiser IMCA Modifieds brought a field of 28 cars to compete and 20 took the green for the feature.     The beginning of the race seemed like no one was interested at all with 8 cautions in the first 2 laps before single file restarts finally allowed racing to take place.  Once the racing started, it was green for 17 laps to the finish.  Jerry Wilinski took the lead from the front row with Eddie Muenster taking up second.    T.J. Smith, Jay Matthias, Brad Lautenbach and John Berna made the front of the field.   Wilinski and Muenster pulled away from the field a bit with the field racing hard behind.    Wilinski, who earlier in the evening saw his son, Konnor, win his first race,  stayed in control to win his first feature here since August 22, 2010 with Muenster making his first visit in a couple years to take second.    Matthias won the battle behind, taking third over Lautenbach.  Smith took fifth with Jamie Schmidt taking sixth.

The Coors Light IMCA Stock Car feature also had the same fate as the mods with cautions in the early going, only they were spread over the first half of the race.    Barry Van Straten took the lead at the start with Shawn Wagner taking the outside line to run alongside, taking over the top spot on lap 3. 

Several cautions on lap 5 made an interesting situation.  15 laps to go and a time limit with 5 minutes remaining.   

Under green, Van Straten and Wagner renewed their battle for first with Kyle Frderick now in the mix, getting to the inside and moving into the top spot  on lap 7.   On lap 8 the final caution appeared, and when drivers were told the next caution would be the finish, settled in to run the final 12 laps and a great 4 car battle for the lead broke out in the process.

Frederick, Wagner and Van Straten were joined by Devin Snellenberger and the group pulled away from the rest of the field.   They ran  in a tight group with Van Straten making a late race run at Frederick, pulling alongside several times, only to have a lapped car  break momentum and allow Frederick a break for the final couple laps to run to his  3rd feature win of the season.   Van Straten took the runner up finish with Snellenberger edging Wagner for third.    Off Road Champion, Johnny Greaves, made a rare short track appearance in the Stock Cars and made a strong run to finish fifth.   Brian Ambrosius rounded out the top six.

The 4 Cylinder division ran the final feature of the night and also for the season.   Kasey Gross started the main from the pole with Joe Minks settling in right behind.    Gross open a car length lead and the pair pulled away from the pack behind.   They ran the same the entire race with Gross maintaining the car length or 2 lead driving to his second feature win of the year.   Minks took second.    The race behind was settled at the finish line with Roger Braun taking third over Lucas Hacker.  Matt DeWilde and Dean DeKeyser rounded out the top six.

The 2014 season, the clubs 31st season at Seymour, is now in the record books.   

N.E.W. DIRT would like to THANK all of the fans, drivers, crews and sponsors for their support throughout the season.   

Plans start at the club meeting this Monday, September 8, for the 2015 season.    All members are urged to attend the monthly meetings, the first Monday of every month at 8 PM at Doxbee’s, just south of  Seymour on CTY C.

Congrats again to our 2014 Champions.   Budweiser IMCA Modifieds- Jason Czarapata, his third straight title.   Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars-Rod Snellenberger, his 6th career title at Seymour.   Turbo Blue Street Stocks – Ryan Blank, his first career title.    IMCA Sport Mods- Jeremy Cota, his first career title.   4 Cylinders- Cody Hungerford, his first career title.

See you in April 2015.


                                         BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap Feature  l. Jerry Wilinski   2, Eddie Muenster   3. Jay Matthias   4. Brad Lautenbach   5. T.J. Smith   6. Jamie Schmidt

10 Lap Consy  l. Mike Wedelstadt  2. Shawn Kilgore   3. Mark Weisnicht   4. Shawn Frelich

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Konnor Wilinski   2. Jerry Wilinski

Second  1. Muenster   2. Eric Arenson

Third  l. Chad Bartel  2. Smith


20 Lap Feature  l.  Kyle Frederick   2. Barry Van Straten   3. Devin Snellenberger   4, Shawn Wagner   5. Johnny Greaves   6. Brian Ambrosius

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Wagner   2. Van Straten

Second  l. Ambrosius   2. Jake Lunderby

                                    TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l.  Patty Winkler   2. Ed SAnschutz   3. Jerry Winkler   4. Lexii Ashcraft   5. George Tabalske   6. Alan Schlueter

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Ashcraft    2, Anschutz

Second  l. Jerry Winkler   2. Schlueter

                                                IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l. Jeremy Cota  2. Beau Handschke   3. Todd Weise   4. Mike Dauphinais   5. Eric Scribner   6. Scott Boyea

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Wyatt Block   2. Jordan Barkholtz

Second  l. Brian Bruechert   2. Wiese

Third  l. Jordan Bartz   2. Handschke

                                                4 CYLINDER

15 Lap feature  l. Kasey Gross   2. Joe Minks   3. Roger Braun   4. Lucas Hacker  5. Matt DeWilde   6. Dean DeKeyser

8 Lap Heat  l., Gross  2. Minks


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