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June 7 Results

Seymour, June 7 – What started out as a storm filled Sunday morning, broke up and gave the Seymour Speedway a beautiful night for the first time this season for a full program Sunday Night.   Baumgart Tire of Appleton and the Whistle Inn of Nichole sponsored the night that had a field of 122 cars check in to compete.


The O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods took the track first with Robby Thiel and Logan Fleischman running side by side at the front for the first 2 alps with Thiel taking charge until Vine Engebregsten moved to the front on lap 4.  Lucas Lamberies  moved into the runner up spot on lap 6 and 2 laps later  moved to the top spot.     Chris Budzban moved to the runner up spot on lap 9 and started to close in on the leader, while both pulled away from the pack.

Budzban closed the gap and with 5 laps left it was a nose to tail battle with both running tight to the inside.   Point leader Jeremy Cota, moved into third on lap 11, and moved within striking distance over the final few laps.    As the white flag was displayed, Budzban moved inside Lamberies entering turn one and the pair  made contact in turn 2, with Lamberies getting sideway and spinning.   In the mix up, Cota almost slipped by both , but Budzban collected the car to continue as the caution flew to end the race.   The race went to the last lap, Lamberies was credited with the win, his third of the season with Budzban being called for the caution.   Cota took second with Engebregsten getting his best finish of the season in third.   Travis Arenz was fourth.   J.J. Andersen  started the main last, in 21st, and drove to finish fifth.  Kevin Bethke  rounded out the top six.


The Turbo Blue Street Stocks took three tries to get the first lap recorded and George Tabalske led the opening lap before Paul Ambrosius led the second circuit.   Alan Schlueter started the race mid pack and took the outside line three wide and moved to the lead by lap 3.    Following a final caution on lap 6, Lexii Ashcraft  settled into the runner up spot with point leader, Jeff Jungwith and Ryan Blank moving up right behind.   For the rest of the race, Schlueter held the lead while staying in the outside line.  Ashcraft hugged the inside line and the pair swapped the lead back and forth the entire distance.   Ashcraft pulled even as the white appeared but the final lap played out with Schlueter taking his second win of the season  by less than a ½ car length over Ashcraft.   Coming in to the checker, Schlueter had flames start under the hood and he stopped the car in turn 2 for crews to put the fire out.   Jungwirth and Black  were followed by Matt Warner, his best finish of the season and Tabalske rounding out the top six.


The Budweiser IMCA Modifieds also had trouble getting started with three attempts before Trevor Spaulding led the opening 2 circuits.    Andy Kleczka moved around to the lead on lap 3.   T.J. Smith  followed into the runner up spot on the next lap.  

Following the final 2 cautions of the race on lap 8, Kleczka again took control using the inside line and Smith moved outside.   The pair ran pretty much side by side for the rest of the race while pulling away from the field.   Eric Arneson, Mark Joski and Eric Scribner ran together behind the leader.   Just after ½ way, Benji LaCrosse moved into the scrum and in a couple laps was in third  and started to close the gap on the leaders.

Over the final laps, Smith  was relentless on the outside, but could not get enough momentum which allowed Kleczka to take his first feature win in his rookie Modified season.   LaCrosse took third  with Arneson, Joski and Scribner rounding out the top six.


Continuing a pattern tonight, the Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars took 2 attempts to get a lap completed but then clicked off the race non stop.  Tom Riehl led the first lap before Chas Van Ooyen  took the lead on lap 2 and started to open  a lead on the buched field behind.   Jeremy Wiitala, Brian Ambrosius, Brandon Czarapata, Riehl and Rod Snellenberger ran together for second.  By the mid point, Van Ooyen was still safely out front with Snellenberger finally breaking through the pack into the runner up spot.    Wiitala, Czarapata, Ambrosius, Jon Courchains, Travis Van Straten and Kyle Frederick stayed bunched for the distance.    

Van Ooyen enjoyed the Sunday ride unchallenged for his first feature win of the season.   Snellenberger  was back a couple car lengths to take second.   Van Straten won the tight battle for third with Czarapata taking fourth.  Wiitala was fifth and Courchaine rounded out the top six.


The 4 Cylinder division ran a non stop event with Joe Minks setting the pace for the opening lap before Kasey Gross moved into the lead for 2 laps.  Tanner Westphal was next to take the lead with the rest of the field trying to sort out right behind.     Carl King work into the runner up spot on lap 6 and by lap 10, found his way to the lead, and then set out to run away over the final laps to collect his firt feature win here since July 7, 2013.    Minks won the battle for the runner up spot on the final lap with Westphal taking third.    Tyler Hungerford came from last place at the start to finish fourth. Gross and Taylor Becher rounded out the top six.


The INEX Legends brought a full field of 20 cars to compete and it was Francesca Hoch  taking the feature victory.


The Thunder Trucks had a double winner with Brandon “Smokey” Van Ooyen winning his heat and feature.


There will be an open practice at the track this Tuesday, June 9 from 5-8.


Next week, Ben’s Small Engine and Rooster’s Pub and Grub will sponsor another full night of racing which will include the Spectator Eliminators.




                                              BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap Feature l. Andy Kleczka, Suamico   2. T.J. Smith, Menasha   3. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay   4, Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls   5. Mark Joski,  New Franken   6. Eric Scribner, Lena

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Smith   2. Travis Spaulding, Greenvuille

Second  l. Kleczka   2. Scribner


                                    COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature l. Chas Van Ooyen, Jr,  Appleton  2. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski   3. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville   4. Brandon Czarapata, Waupun   5. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay   6. Jon Courchaine, Oconto Falls

12 Lap Consy  l. Courchaine  2. Brandon Gagnon, Little Suamico  3. Vern Stedjee, Shiocton  4. Bob Czarapata, Krakow

8 Lap Heats  First  l.  Mike Schmidt, Shawano   2. Van Ooyen

Second  l. Snellenberger   2. Bill Kelsey, Luxemburg

Third  l, Brian Ambrosius, Pulaski  2. Wiitala


                                    O’REILLY AUTO PARTS IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville     2. Jeremy Cota,  Oconto  3. Vince Engebregsten,  Green Bay  4.  Travis Arenz, Sheboygan  5. J.J. Andersen, Pulaski   6. Kevin Bethke, Neenah

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Engebregsten   2. Chris Budzban, Luxemburg

Second  l. Lamberies   2. Robby Thiel, Appleton 


                                                TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l. Alan Schlueter, Oconto  2. Lexii Ashcraft, Oshkosh  3. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh  4. Ryan Blank, Greenville   5. Matt Warner, Kimberly   6. George Tabalske, Denmark

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Jared Spaulding   2. Blank

Second  l. Ashcraft   2. Warner


                                                4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  1. Carl King, Clintonville   2. Joe Minks, Menasha  3. Tanner Westphal, Clintonville   4. Tyler Hungerford, Freedom   5. Kasey Gross, Gleason  6. Taylor Becher, Hortonville

8 Lap Heat  l. Westphal   2. Missy Clark, Luxemburg


                                                INEX LEGENDS

20 Lap Feature  l, Francesca Hoch, Columbus


                                    THUNDER TRUCKS

8 Lap Feature  l  Brandon “Smokey” Van Ooyen, Appleton  2. Jayden Schmidt, Seymour

5 Lap Heat  l.  Van Ooyen   2. Schmidt


Update Sunday June 7 11 AM

Seymour, June 7-11 AM As of right now, the Seymour Speedway is planning on  racing tonight with a full five division program which will be sponsored by Baumgart Tire of Appleton and the Whistle Inn of Nichols.


The rain that came through this morning has stopped.   Track is wet but will be fine.   Pit is wet.


Weather has different opinions on the rest of the day.   Some say this should be the end and will clear up this afternoon.   Another says it will rain throughout the afternoon.


We will wait until noon to make a final decision.


We hope we can see you tonight.


Will keep you posted.


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