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THIS Sunday August 25

Seymour August 24- Racing action at the Seymour Speedway enters the second last week and all of the IMCA divisions will be running their final point night of the season this Sunday night.


Unless Jason Czarapata would have a critical problem Sunday night, he will lock up his second straight Budweiser IMCA Modified title by qualifying for the feature.   He holds a 23 point lead over last weeks feature winner, Jay Matthias.


The Coors Light IMCA Stock Car division title will be decided tonight between 2 veteran drivers.   John Heinz won the feature last week and moved into first place for the first time this season by a 1 point margin over Rod Snellenberger.   Snellenberger had led the standings all season long and is looking for his 6th division track championship.  Heinz  picked up his third feature win of the year last week and is looking for his first career N.E.W. DIRT title.


The IMCA Sport Mod division is a three man race.   Tracy Wasenberg has paced the standings all season long, but the past couple weeks have been tough on the Shawano driver.      Jeremy Cota raced to his 4th feature win of the season last week and took over the point lead by 9 points over Wassenberg.    Wassenberg is in a tie for second with another 4 time feature winner, Cody Hokenstad with 491 each.  All three are very competitive and this should be an exciting battle to the final checker.


The Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders will be running point for the final 2 weeks.


Jon Ashcraft holds a 24 point advantage over his daughter Lexi with Mert Summers sitting third 25 points back.   The division is very close but these three should make the race to the title an exciting one.


The 4 Cylinder chase tightened up the past couple weeks with defending champion, Calvin Stueck taking his first point lead a week ago, and extending it to 8 points with his 5th feature win of the season last week.   Tyler Hungerford is the only one with a shot at taking the title away.


Along with the point battles this week, the Faster Pastor race returns this week featuring area clergy running for bragging rights.   This will be the final race of the night.


The final 2013 appearance by the Spectator Eliminators will close the program.


Don’t forget. The final leg of the Summer Holiday Classic will take place next Sunday, September 1.  The event features the WDLMA Late Models, running a 30 lap main event.    All five of the regular weekly divisions will also compete.  The IMCA divisions will be non sanctioned and will draw/redraw for the night.

The Streets and 4 Cylinders will be running their final point night and will use the regular point average to decide the champions.

August 18 results

By Edward Anschutz
(Seymour, WI) August 18, 2013 Results- Ryan Blank outlasted Lexii Ashcraft to score his career feature win in the Street Stocks at Seymour Super Speedway. Other feature winners were Jay Matthias (IMCA Modified), John Heinz (IMCA Stock Car), Josh Long (IMCA Sport Mod) and Calvin Stueck (Sport Fours)

Next Sunday August 25 will be the final point night for all IMCA Sanctioned classes. The Faster Pastor will conclude the nightly events. A total of 98 cars took the green flag, led by 28 Stock Cars, 21 Sport Mods, 18 Street Stocks, 16 Modifieds and 15 Sport Fours.

Veteran Jeff Jungwirth paced the opening laps of the Street Stock feature until Ryan Blank raced by on lap 5. Lexii Ashcraft quickly worked to the runner up position and began working the outside groove moving past Blank at the cross flags. Jerry Winkler raced to third and the battle for the win was on. Blank fired his machine back to the low groove diving under Ashcraft with Winkler right on his bank bumper. Blank and Ashcraft raced door to do for the lead. With 3 laps remaining Blank was able to grasp the top spot and held off Ashcraft for the win by a fender at the checkers. Winkler had to settle for third, Jon Ashcraft and Allan Schlueter came from the back again to complete the top five.

John Heinz put on a dominating performance in the IMCA Stock Cars with his second feature win in a row. Heinz disposed of Dave Hoerning on lap 3 taking the lead. Heinz had to handle a series of early race cautions but went unchallenged for the remainder of the contest. Kyle Fredrick stayed within striking distance of the leader but had to settle for second place pay, Jeremy Wiitala had a sold third, Rod Snellenberger was roughed up midway through the contest resulting in him restarting last on the field. The former champ rallied to finish fourth and Mike Coel was fifth. As the IMCA Stock Cars head into their final night, Snellenberger and Heinz are tied for the point lead.

In IMCA Modified action it looked like Brian Mullen was the man to beat as he maneuvered past Jamie Schmidt for the lead on 10. Jay Matthias was a man on a mission as he quickly raced from row 6 to the runner up spot. Matthias then set his sights on Mullen and with 4 laps remaining Matthias motored by taking the lead. Matthias was never challenged the rest of the event, scoring a dominating 3rd feature of the season. Mullen was second, point leader Jason Czarapata came home third, Schmidt was fourth and Jerry Wilinski rounded out the top five.

Rookie Hunter Parsons paced the IMCA Sport Mod feature until hot shoe Josh Long went wheeling by for the top spot on lap 7. Long never looked back scoring his first feature win of the season. Last weeks winner Joey Taycher came up one spot short of two in a row with second, Kevin Bethke, JJ Anderson and Parsons completed the top five. With Tracy Wassenberg having trouble the entire night Jeremy Cota was able to take over the point lead.

Calvin Stueck padded the point lead with his 5th feature win of the season in the Sport Fours. Brad Wedde was second and early leader Justin Nooyen brought home third.


20 LAP BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIED FEATURE: 1. Jay Matthias, Green Bay; 2. Brian Mullen, Seymour; 3. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski; 4. Jamie Schmidt, Seymour; 5. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour

HEAT 1: Schmidt; Greg Wichman, Bonduel
HEAT 2: Mike Wedelstadt, New London

20 LAP COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CAR FEATURE: 1. John Heinz, Green Bay; 2. Kyle Fredrick, Oconto Falls; 3. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay; 4. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski; 5. Mike Coel, Green Bay

LCQ 1: Brandon Czarapata, Appleton; Tom Riehl, Hortonville
HEAT 1: Chris Loewenhagen, Appleton; Dave Hoerning, Appleton
HEAT 2: Kevin Hebbe, Neenah; Heinz
HEAT 3: R. Snellenberger; Justin Jacobson, Hortonville

20 LAP IMCA SPORT MOD FEATURE: 1. Josh Long, Green Bay; 2. Joey Taycher, Appleton; 3. Kevin Bethke, Neenah; 4. JJ Anderson, Pulaski; 5. Hunter Parsons, Green Bay

HEAT 1: Parsons; Cody Hokenstad, Shawano
HEAT 2: Rod Solem, Seymour; Andy Kleczka, Suamico
HEAT 3: Long; Bethke

20 LAP STREET STOCK FEATURE: 1. Ryan Blank, Greenville; 2. Lexii Ashcraft, Oshkosh; 3. Jerry Winkler, Oshkosh; 4. Jon Ashcraft, Oshkosh; 5. Allan Schlueter, Oconto

HEAT 1: Patty Winkler, Larsen; Blank
HEAT 2: J. Winkler; Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh

15 LAP SPORT FOUR FEATURE: 1. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville; 2. Brad Wedde, Shawano; 3. Justin Nooyen, Seymour; 4. Brian Johnson, Oconto Falls; 5. Tyler Hungerford, Freedom

HEAT 1: Stueck; Dalton Nelson, Green Bay
HEAT 2: Johnson; T. Hungerford

Trailer Race and Point Chases TONIGHT at Seymour Speedway

Seymour Sunday August 18- 10 AM – This will be a perfect day to load up the family for the best short track racing in Wisconsin tonight at the Seymour Speedway.  


Van’s HiWay Auto will be the title sponsor for the full 5 division program on the banked 1/3 mile clay oval..


The track will also host their first EVER Trailer Race to close the program.


The IMCA divisions will be running their second last point race of the season.  

Defending Budweiser IMCA Modified champion, Jason Czarapata, has a strong hold on the standings with a 25 point margin over Jay Matthias and 27 over rookie Troy Jerovetz.    Czarapata could wrap his up second straight title this week with another strong run.


The Coors Light IMCA Stock Car battle is a virtual toss up yet, with former 5 time champion, Rod Snellenberger clinging to a mere 2 point lead over rival John Heinz.  Heinz picked up his second feature win of the season last week and is looking for his first career N.E.W. DIRT title.    Snellenberger is still looking for a feature win here this season but has consistently run in the top 5 to maintain the point edge.


The IMCA Sport Mod division has the top three drivers separated by only 11 points.  

Tracy Wassenberg has led the way throughout the season and has three feature wins to his credit.   A DNF and other problems have allowed the competition to creep closer over the past 2 weeks.    Jeremy Cota sits 3 marks back and is tied with 3rd place driver Cody Hokenstad with a division leading 4 feature wins.   Hokenstad is 11 points behind.     These three have been close all season and the next 2 weeks should be exciting to watch.


The Street Stock and 4 Cylinders will be running for point for the final 3 weeks.


Jon Ashcraft holds a strong 23 point lead over Mert Summers in the Street Stocks.  He has one feature win this season but has been a steady top five runner.   Summers has not won a feature but again shows consistency can make you a contender.   Jerry Winkler has a division leading 8 feature wins but sits 5th in the standings behind Lexi Ashcraft and Alan Schluetter, and out of the title hunt.


Tyler Hungerford had led the point standings all season in the 4 Cylinders, until defending champion, Calvin Stueck picked up his 4th feature win last week and gained the point lead by 4 points over Hungerford.   The pair have run strong all season and it should come down to the final night.


All the action kicks off at 6PM SHARP.


We appreciate you choosing to spend part of your weekend with us every Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.


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