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May 31 Results

Seymour – May 31- Finally. Sunshine and clear skies, a bit windy and cool, but, for the first time in three weeks, the Seymour Speedway was able to run their third point race of the season Sunday night, which was sponsored by Trackside BP.


A solid field of 133 cars in five divisions filled the pit area and ran an excellent program that was completely in the books by 9 PM.


The Coors light IMCA Stock Cars had a field of 34 cars that put a very competitive field of 20 on the track for their feature event.   Dylan Heillmann and Travis Springstroh sat on the front row and ran side by side until a caution on lap 6 fro debris on the track.    They resumed their side by side duel on the restart again swapping the lead back and forth while the field behind was stacked up three and four wide waiting for a break.    A final caution on lap[ 13 set up a 7 lap dash for the finish.

Rod Snellenberger took the wide outside line and Barry Van Straten made a path through the middle to take over the front 2 spots on the restart.   Brandon Czarapata, Kyle Frederick and Travis Van Straten also worked twords the front.

Snellenberger pulled the field to the finish  taking his second feature win of the season here.   Frederick came from deep in the field, 17th, after winning the consy and finished in the runner up spot.   Czarapata finished third with Travis Van Straten fourth, Barry Van Straten fifth and Chaz Van Ooyen rounding out the top six positions.


The O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Spot Mods were up next with Beau Handschke grabbing the lead ahead of Robby Theil.   Handschke hooked up on the outside line and pulled away from the field and built as solid lead.   As the field sorted out behind, Kevin Bethke set up in the runner up spot with Theil, Travis Arenz, Jordan Bartz, Lucas Lamberies and Jeremy Cota behind by lap 5.    Cota started to pick his way through traffic and on lap 13 settled into the runner spot and face a full straight away gap to the leader.    Cota was running tight to the inside and Handschke was comfortable on the outside.   After  few laps, Cota started to visibly  close the gap on the leader, and as the came to the white flag, was pulling alongside entering turn one.    Out of turn 2, Cota pulled into the lead and finished the final lap by edging Handschke to win his third feature of the season.    It was almost and exact script of a feature last year on August 3  that saw the same last lap result.

Bethke held on to take third ahead of Arenz, Lamberies and J.J. Andersen that went flag to flag.


George Tabalske  set the pace for the opening 2 circuits of the Turbo Blue Street Stock main followed by Ryan Blank, Logan Schmeck, Lexii Ashcraft, Matt Warner and Paul Ambrosius.     Blank used the inside line to take the lead on lap 3 and after the lone caution of the race 2 laps later, again set the pace.    Warner, Tabalske, Schmeck, Ashcraft,  Jeff Dorschner and Shawn Haydon ran in a bunch behind for much of the rest of the race.


Blank continued in the lead  just far enough ahead to have a gap on the rest of the pack.   Over the final 10 laps, Jeff Junwirth moved into the top 6 and became part of the chase, and moved into the runner up spot with 2 laps remaining.    Blank held his lead to pickup his first feature win of the season with Jungwirth giving closing in, n second place.   Dorschner was in third with Ascraft taking fourth.  Haydon and Warner rounded out the top six.


Eric Arneson led the charge as the Budweiser IMCA Modifieds started their feature event.   Jerry Wilinski took to the outside right away and buy lap 3, was in the lead and started to pull away from the rest of the field.    By lap 5, Wilinski was opening a lead with Arenson, Mike Wedelstadt, Konnor Wilinski, Jay Matthias and T.J. Smith behind.   Benji LaCrosse was also making a run to the front from 13th and entered the top six on lap 6. 

 For the final half of the race, Wilinski was solidly in control, holding a large lead over a tight group of cars behind.  LaCrosse was methodically picking his way to the front and was moving on Wedelstadt  for second when the white flag appeared.     However, right after the leaders took the white, a lone caution of the race appeared and ended the contest one lap short with Wilinski picking up his first feature win of the season here.  Wedelstadt took the runner up spot with LaCrosse settling for third.    Arneson was next with Konnor Wilinski in fifth and Defending champion, Jason Czarapata rounding out the top six.


Tanner Westphal set the pace for the first 6 laps of the 4 Cylinder feature, with 2013 division champ, Calvin Stueck returning to take over the lead on lap 7.   Stueck pulled away from the field over the final five laps and collected his first feature win here in his championship season.   Westphal held off Brad Wedde to take second place with Tyler Hungerford Matt Brehmer and Kasey Gross rounding out the top six.   Wedde did not report to the claim area following the race and  the DQ moved everyone up a spot and put Joe Mike into the top six.


The Spectator Eliminators saw Joel Schmidt take the trophy by besting the 9 car field.


N..E.W. DIRT would like to THANK everyone for supporting the Seymour Speedway following the three weeks off and hopes to see everyone nest week when the full 5 division program will be sponsored by Baumgart Tire of Appleton and the Whistle Inn of Nichols.   The night will also include the INEX Legends and the Thunder Trucks.  Racing, as always, starts at 5:30.



                             BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap feature  l. Jerry Wininski, Seymour  2. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont  3, Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay  4. Eric Arenson, Oconto  5, Konnor Wilinski, Seymour  6, Jason Czarapata, Pulaski

12 Lap Consy  l. Travis Spaulding, Greenville  2. Steve Schneider, Chilton   3. Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay  4.  Rob Charapata,

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Arneson  2. Mike Mullen, Seymour

Second  l. Konnor Wilinski  2. Eric Scribner, Lena

Third  l. Wedelstadt   2. T.J. Smith, Menasha



20 Lap feature   l. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski  2. Kyle Frederick, Gillette  3. Brandon Czarapata, Kaukauna  4. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville   5. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton   6. Chaz Van Ooyen, Freedom

10 Lap Consy  First  l. Frederick  2. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay  

Second  l. Phil Hiles, Appleton  2. Brandon Gagnon, Gillette

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Bob Czarapata, Krakow  2. Barry Van Straten

Second  l. Travis Springstroh, Freedom  2. Mike Schmidt, Shawano

Third  l. Harley Simon, Seymour  2. Snellenberger

Fourth  l. Dylan Heillmann, Green Bay  2. Chaz Van Ooyen


                             O’REILLY AUTO PARTS IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l  Jeremy Cota, Oconto   2. Beau Handschke, Green Bay  3. Kevin Bethke, Neenah  4. Travis Arenz, Sheboygan  5. Lukas Lamberies, Clintonville   6. J.J. Andersen, Green Bay

12 Lap Consy  l. Chris Budzban, Luxemburg  2. Jason Vandenberg, Kimberly   3.Cody Schroeder, green Bay  4. Vince Engelbreston, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Lamberies  2. Arenz

Second  l. Andersen   2. Bethke

Third  l.  Cota   2. Josh Lambert, Green Bay


                             TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l. Ryan Blank, Greenville  2. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh   2. Jeff Dorschner,   4. Lexii Ashcraft, Oshkosh   5 Shawn Haydon, Greenville   6Matt Warner

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Jared Spaulding   2. Blank

Second  l. Dorschner   2. Logan Schmeck


                                      4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  l. Clavin Stueck, Clintonville   2.  Tanner Westphal   3. Tyler Hungerford, Freedom  4. Matt Brehmer    5. Kasey Gross, Gleason  6. Joe Minks,

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Brehner  2. Hungerford

Second  l. Stueck   2. Stephan Gilbertson 

Third  l. Westphal  2. Brad Wedde


Seymour WILL RACE today, Sunday May 31



Seymour May 31 – 8:45 AM – Three words not heard at the Seymour Speedway this season.   But it’s is true…today anyway.

The SUN is SHINING and we WILL be racing TONIGHT at the Seymour Speedway.


For the first time in three weeks, Mother Nature is giving us a great day for racing…on a Sunday.     Despite the wet weather throughout the week,  the area around Seymour received only about 1/3 of the rain as in some other areas,  so with the wind and the sun late yesterday and today, the track and pit will be in great shape for racing today.


Tonights sponsor is Trackside BP and will be presenting our five regular divisions in action on the 1/3 mile banked clay oval.   Spectator Eliminators are also on the schedule for tonight.




Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars

O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods

Turbo Blue Street Stocks

Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

4 Cylinders

Spectator Eliminators


Pit opens at 3:30 

Late sign in at 4:45

Drivers meeting 5 PM

Pit admission  $25.00


Granstand opens at 4 PM




Adults 19-55 $11.00

Students 13-18, Seniors 55+  $8.00

Kids 12 and under FREE with paid adult


Racing at 5:30 PM.



The sun is shining, it will be a cool night with the temps and wind, But, With all of the other tracks getting rained out this week, it should be a BIG night for racing tonight at the Seymour Speedway.


Hope to see you all tonight.  Racing gets underway at 5:30 PM.


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