Sunday, March 26, 2017
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August 2 - Race Report

Seymour, August 2 - Racing action returned to the Seymour Speedway after a week off for the fair in what turned out to be a strange finish after a good start Sunday night.

thumb_sey_20090802_042Matt Drawenek grabbed the initial lead in the Street Stock headliner holding the top spot through 2 cautions over the first 5 laps. David Hoerning took charge after the restart with point leader, Todd Everard moving into the runner up spot.

A hard crash into the back stretch wall by Mert Summers brought out the red flag. Summers was not injured and the race went caution free for the final 10 laps. Hoerning continued to set the pace with Everard right behind. Drawenek sat in third with Jeremy Wiitala running the outside line in fourth Joe Schwister and Aaron Melchert were in the top six. The running order remained the same for 5 laps before Wiitala lit the fire under his car and started to make a charge to the front. On lap 16, he took third, and began working on Everard and took the spot on lap 18. As the white appeared, Wiitala was alongside the leader just ahead at the line, and over the final lap, was able to secure his third straight feature win. Hoerning, Everard, Drawenek, Schwister and Melchert rounded out the top six.

thumb_sey_20090802_046Brandon Long jumped into the lead of the Sport Mod main followed by Rob Charapata, Jamie Schmidt, Josh Long, Tim Jorgenson and Jeremy Cota. There was plenty of action through out the field in the non stop race with Schmidt settling into second on lap 9. Greg Wichman, returning to Seymour for the first time since the track changed in 2004, moved into third on lap 10.

Over the final 10 laps, Long was still in command with the field bunching up behind. Schmidt and Wichman were side by side with Rob Solem joining in fourth. The top three crossed the line three wide on lap 16, and Wichman was able to power into the lead on the back chute with Solem coming out of the turn in second. Schmidt tied up Solem in a battle for second over the final 3 laps allowing Wichman to claim his first ever division feature win. The win was also his first at Seymour since winning in the Street Stock on June 30, l99l.

Solem edged Schmidt for second with point leader, Travis Van Straten, making a late race charge to finish 4th. Josh Long and Brandon Long completed the top six.

thumb_sey_20090802_048Chris Lange led the opening 2 circuits of the Stock Car main. Chaz Van Ooyen, Jr took over the top spot on lap 3 before the first caution appeared for a multi car spin in turn 1. While resetting the field, the front stretch track lights suddenly went off, forcing a delay while they came back up. Van Ooyen was followed by Larry Karcz, Jr, Kyle Frederick, Jeremy Christians, Andy Kornowski, Paul White and Mike Pierrard.

When racing resumed, the top 4 went at it, with another caution on lap 6 slowing the pace and setting up a shortened race dash to the finish. Van Ooyen continued at the front with Karcz and Christians right behind, John Heinz joined the battle with White and Pierrard still running in the front pack. The white appeared on lap 9, and entering turn three for the final timer, Heinz dove into the corner and caught Karcz, Sending him up the bank head on into the wall. The car flew up in the air straight up and fell back onto the track, rolling onto the roof. He was not injured, but the car sustained heavy damage. The incident brought out the red flag and the end of the race, giving Van Ooyen his first ever feature win here in the Stock Car division. Heinz was DQ’d for the crash, with Karcz getting the second place finish. Christians, Pierrard, Frederick and White rounded out the top six.

To add to the weird twist the night had taken, the weather started to change with a light rain, and radar showing more on the way. During the light delay, the Budweiser IMCA Mod feature was moved up to next.

Mike Knapp set the pace for the first 2 laps before Jerry Wilinski took over with Julie Wedelstadt following into second. Mike Wedelstadt took third one lap later and after the lone caution on lap 5, it was an all out conflict at the front for the final 15 laps. Wilinski set the pace for 2 laps after the restart before Mike Wedelstadt took over the top spot. The pair battled each other lap after lap with Julie Wedelstadt looking on right behind. On lap 16, contact allowed Wilinski to re take the top spot, with Wedelstadt fighting right back and taking the lead again as the white flag appeared. The pair stayed side by side with Mike taking the checkered flag for his first feature win of the season here. Julie inched by to take the runner up spot with Wilinski scored in third. The trio did not see the checkered and continued to battle for one more lap after the race ended. Contact was made again just before the flag stand with Mike Wedelstadt getting slammed into the wall. Even though the race was complete, Wilinski received the black flag which moved Benji LaCrosse into third, followed by Jason Czarapata. Fifth went to point leader, Brian Mullen, driving his sons car after wrecking in his heat and qualifying through the consy. Jared Siefert rounded out the top 6.

thumb_sey_20090802_054With rain starting to fall again, the 4 Cylinders were on the track right away with Mitch Pallock taking charge with Cody Hudson, Dean DeKeyser, Sam Ambrosius, and Calvin Stueck behind. The fields scrambled for positions as the rain started to fall and finally forced the end after lap 6. Pallock held on to win his first career feature. Point leader, Kevin Birr made a charge over the final 2 laps to secured second. Stueck was third followed by Hudson, DeKeyser and Mike Frelich.

Racing continues now through Labor Day with the final leg of the Summer Holiday Classic series.






20 Lap Feature

1. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont  2. Julie Wedelstadt, Oconto  3. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay  4. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski  5. Brian Mullen, Seymour   6. Jared Siefert, Green Bay

10 Lap Consy

1. Chad Wilcox, Pulaski  2. Scott Boyea, Abrams  3. Brain Mullen   4. Shawn Frelick, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats

First: 1.  Mike Knapp, New London  2. Julie Wedelstadt

Second: 1. Mike Mullen, Seymour   2. Mike Wedelstadt

Third: 1. LaCrosse   2. LaCrosse   2. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour


10 Lap feature (Time Limit)

1. Chaz Van Ooyen, Jr, Appleton  2. Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski  3. Jeremy Christians, Horicon  4. Mike Pierrard, Green Bay  5. Kyle Frederick, Gillett   6. Paul White, Green Bay

10 Lap Consy

First: 1. Greg Gutt, Clintonville  2. Pierrard  3. Jerry Leary, Little Suamico  4. Dan Nelson, Brillion

Second: 1. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton  2. Kyle Wanner, green Bay  3. Marty Abshire, Waukesha  4. David Charles, Oneida

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Frederick   2. Mike Gilson, Greenleaf

Second: 1. Andy Kornowski, Green Bay   2. Van Ooyen, Jr.

Third: 1. Chris Lange, Appleton   2. Darren Otto, Green bay

Fourth: 1. John Heinz, Green Bay  2. Al Umentum, Pulaski




20 Lap Feature

1. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay  2. David Hoerning, Appleton  3. Todd Everard, Green bay  4. Matt Drawenek, Kaukauna  5. Joe Schwister, Seymour   6. Aaron Melchert, Black Creek

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Alex Notz, Oconto Falls  2. Everard

Second: 1. Derek Lecker, Black Creek   2. Mert Summers, DePere



20 Lap Feature

1.  Greg Wichman, Bonduel    2. Rod Solem, Seymour  3. Jamie Schmidt, Seymour  4. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville 5. Josh Long, Green Bay   6. Brandon Long, Suamico

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Rob Charapata, Oconto  2. Josh Long

Second: 1. Johnny Whitman, DePere  2. Van Straten



6 Lap Feature (Rain)

1. Mitch Pallock, Pulaski 2. Kevin Birr, Krakow  3. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville  4. Cody Hanson   5. Dean DeKeyser, Pulaski   6. Mike Frelich, Appleton

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Dan Juszczyk, Sobieski  2. Rachel Czarapata, Krakow

Second: 1. Pallock   2. Brian Johnson, Oconto Falls

Third: 1.  DeKeyser   2. Sam Ambrosius, Pulaski



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