Monday, March 27, 2017
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Seymour July 6 Results

Seymour, July 6 – Despite another lousy weather day and power outages in the area, N.E.W. DIRT pressed on and completed a full show Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway on General Beer sponsored night of racing.

The IMCA Sport Mods were first on the track for the feature portion of the program with Robby Thiel taking the lead at the start with Lucas Lamberies, Rod Solem and Wayne Haines behind when the caution appeared on lap 6 when  Haines looped his car.

On the restart, Thiel again pulled into the elad with Lamberies dropping back just a bit.   The race for third between Solem, J.J.  Andersen and Bruce Belland allowed the front two to pull away from the field .  Thiel was running mid track and Lamberies closed in.   Lap after lap, Lamberies would try every lane available to take the lead, but Thiel was able to match moves and stayed in front.    As the laps went in the book, Lamberies started to sweep in the corners and try to slingshot oout and was able to pull alongside several times.    Thiel maintained his control  and the lead.    With three laps remaining, Lamberies dove inside for the lead in turn three only to touch one of the track tires , which caused him to nearly spin.   He was able to gather the car back up but lost several positions.    This was the break Thield needed to pull away to collect his second straight feature win.  Solem, Andersen and Dave DeGrave  were all able to get by Lamberies to take 2nd through 4th.   Lamberies was able to take 5th with point leader, Jeremy Cota rounding out the top 6.

Chase Parker grabbed the early lead in the Turbo Blue Street Stock main.  He held the top spot for 2 laps before Lexii Ashcraft powered by and opened a lead as  Jeff Jungwirth  moved into second and up on the leader.  Jungwith took 2 laps to overtake the lead and once in front, checked out opening a huge lead over Ashreaft, who also pulled away from the field.  By the mid point, Patty Winkler, Jon Ashcraft and Ran Blank were third to fifth.   While they swapped spots for the rest of the race, Jungwith was out on a Sunday drive to take his third feature win of the season.   Lexii Ashcraft took the runner up finish with Blank edging Winkler for third.   Alan Schlueter took fifth and Jon Ashcraft sixth.

T.J. Smith took command of the Budweiser IMCA Modified feature with Eric Arneson, Chad Bartel, Tyler Wilson, and Jason Czarapata behind.   Smith was still in control with Arneson and Czarapata right behind when the first of several cautions appeared on lap 7.  It took four more attempts over the next 2 laps to get the race restarted, and Czarapata was able to take over the lead on lap 10 with Eric Mahlik, Arenson and Brad Lautenbach getting by Smith by lap 11.   Czarapta pulled away with Mahlik in chase.    Czarapata drove off to collect his 2nd straight and third feature overall.   Mahlik, Arneson, Lautenbach, Mike Wedelstadt and  Smith rounded out the top six.

A strong field of 21 cars took the green for the Coors Light IMCA Stock Car main event.   Jason Bork took the lead and it was a mob at the front with four and five wide racing among the next 12 cars as they tried to sort out.    Bill Kelsey was able to move into the lead on lap 5 but his reign at the front lasted 2 laps before Brandon Czarapata worked into the lead.     Once in front, Czarapata pulled away from the field as they continued the multi lane racing for the rest of the contest. 

Justin Jacobsen was able to get by Kelsey on lap 17, following a spin and caution on lap 16, which kept the entire field bunched.    Czarpata pulled away on the restart and collected his 5th feature win of the seasons.  Travis Van Straten was also able to nip Kelsey on the final lap for third.     Kelsey, Rod Snellenberger and Chas VanOoyen  rounded out the top six places.

Cody Hungerford pulled into the lead of the 4 Cylinder feature with Jeremy Czarapata, Taylor Becher and Brad Prahl behind.    Tyler Hungerford began his march to the front  moving into the runner up spot on  lap 6.

The lone  caution appeared on lap 17 setting up a three lap dash.    Cody Hungerford was able to maintain the lead and win his first feature at Seymour since July 24, 2011.  Tyler Hungerford  chased hi over the finish line with Czarapata taking third.   Harley Diedrick, Prahl and Brandon Kaye rounded out the top six.

The Swamp Bar and Jackson Point Sports Bar will be the main sponsors next Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway for another full 6 division program.

The Seyour Speedway is a featured member track of, a website dedicated to bringing fans the best possible coverage of local short track racing.



20 Lap Feature  l. Jason Czarapata   2. Eric Mahlik, Green bay  3. Eric  Arneson   4. Brad Lautenbach   5. Mike Wedelstadt   6. T.J. Smith, Menasha

10 Lap Heats  First  l.  Ed Stehula   2. Mahlik

Second  l. Arenson   2. Wedelstadt

                                                COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Brandon Czarapata   2. Justin Jacobsen  3. Travis Van Straten  4. Bill Kelsey   5. Rod Snellenberger   6. Chas Van Ooyen

8 Lpa Heats  First  l. Jacobsen  2.  Harley Simon

Second  l. Phil Hiles   2. Jason Bork

                                                TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l. Jeff Jungwirth   2, Lexxi Ashcriaft   3. Ryan Blank   4. Patty Winkler   5. Alan Schlueter   6. Jonny Ashcraft

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Blank  2. Tony Everard

Second  l Lexii Ashcraft   2. Jonny Ashcraft

                                                IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature   1. Robby Thiel   2, Rod Solem   3. J.J. Andersen   4. Troy DeGrave   5. Lucas Lamberies   6, Jeremy Cota

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Hunter Parsons   2. Bruce Belland

Second  l. Thiel    2. Chris Budzban

                                                            4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  l. Cody Hungerford   2. Taylor Hungerford   3. Jeremy Czarapata   4. Harley Diedrich   5. Brad Prahl   6. Brandon Kaye

8 Lap Heat   First  1. Czarapata   2. Taylor Becher

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