Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Seymour August 24 Results

Seymour, August 24- It was another perfect night for racing to take place at the Seymour Speedway Sunday.   Despite heavy rains on Saturday, the track was smooth and fast and produced a quick program with only 3 cautions all night,

The Budweiser IMCA Modifieds opened the feature portion of the program with Mark Joski setting the pace for the first 4 laps before Eric Arneson took control and started to pull away from the field.  Mike Wedelstadt ran door to door with Joski for several lasp before taking over second and set out ot chase down Arenson.  The battle for third developed with Joski,  Benji LaCrosse and Jay Matthias.  They ran three wide several times which allowed point leader, Jason Czarapata the chance to catch up and join in the fun.

LaCrosse moved into third on lap 11 and  moved in on Wedelstadt.  It took until lap 16 to secure second and LaCrosse  faced  a ¼ lap margin to catch Arneson with Wedelstadt right behind.      The race took a turn on lap 18 when Arneson suddenly pulled into the infield entering turn 1 turning the race over to LaCrosse,  The lone caution of the race appeared one lap later and bnunched the field for the final 2 lap dash.   LaCrosse held off Wedelstadt to collect his second straight feature flag.     Czarapata fought his way to a third place finish with Brad Lautenbach taking fourth.   Joski and T.J. Smith rounded out the top six.

The Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars were up next with a strong 24 car field taking the green.  Travis Springstroh set the pace for the first 4 laps before Kyle Frederick challenged and moved into the top spot on lap 5.   It took a couple laps to shake Springstoh and start to open a lead on the field.     The next 6 positions were involved in a tight battle with all cars running under a blanket for much of the race which trapped point leader, Rod Snellenberger,  mid pack.   At the mid point of the contest, Frederick was running alone out front followed by Springstroh, Barry Van Straten, Chaz Van Ooyen,  Travis Van Straten, and Snellenberger.

With Frederick safely out front, the battle continued for second for the last half of the race.  Frederick collected his second feature win of the season going away.  Van Ooyen  ended a five lap battle for second by passing Travis Van Straten with 3 laps left to take runner up pay day.  Van Straten took third with Snellenberger abel to wrestle the fourth place finish.  Barry Van Straten and Springstroh  rounded out the top six in the non stop event.

Beau Handschke  grabbed the lead in the IMCA Sport Mod feature and open a big lead before Rod Solem  finally moved into the runner up spot after a several lap 3 car battle with Kevin Bethke and point leader, Jeremy Cota.    Solem slowly started to close the gap on the elader and with three laps to go, was in striking distance.   Handsche moved from the outside line to the low groove  to close off Solems line.    Handschke has led the last three features entering the final lap, only to end up second.    Solem tried to make it three but Handschke would not be denied winning his first career feature event.    Solem was second with Cota taking third.   Bethke, Colten Van Hierden and Bruce Belland rounded out the top six.

The Turbo Blue Street Stock feature was next with  Tony Everard taking the top spot with Jeff Dorcshner moving up to challenge and take the lead on lap 4. The pair swapped the lead back and forth before the first caution for debris on the track bunched the field,   Ryan Blank moved up to the lead on the restart but Dorschner stayed with him for three more laps before Blank was able to pull away a bit as  Patty Winkler, Paul Ambrosius and Lexii Ashcraft pulled up on Dorschner for second.     Ashcraft was running the outside line and on lap 17 brought out the final caution when she hit the wall in turn three.      Blank held the lead on the final restart and collected his second feature win of the season with Winkler right behind in second.   Dorschner, Ambrosius, Alan Schlueter and point leader Jeff Jungwirth rounded out the top six.   The win moved Blank into the point lead by one mark over Jungwirth with one week left to settle the chase.  Schlueter and Winkler ar 11 and 13 points behind respectively.

Trevor Spaulding led the opening lap of the 4 Cylinder main event before Jeremy Czarapata took over.   Cody Hunbgerford moved to challenge and was scored as the leader on lap 6 before Czarapata again moved to the front and this time, opened a slight lead.    Czarapata was able to hold on to collect his second straight feature win and third on the season.    Point leader, Cody and Tyler Huingerford were right behind.  Matt Brehmer, newly crowned 141 Speedway champion, made his first trip to Seymour and ran to a fourth place finish.  Tanner Westphal and Rachel Czarapata rounded out the top six.

The 600 Micro Sprints  ran a feature event with  Will Gerrits taking the win over Denver Larson,   Tyler Brabent and Jake Gerrits.

Next week will be the final leg of the Summer Holiday Classic series and will feature the 5 regular weekly divisions running their final point night for the 2014 season.   The program will NOT have the WDLMA Late Models compete.

With that change, there will be NO increases for admission to the grandstand or the pit area, and the drivers will run for the scheduled increased Holiday Classic payoff.  Please watch the website and facebook for daily updates leading up to next weeks race. 

The final race of the season will be held on SATURDAY night September 6.  It will be a regular night and with no other tracks running, it will give the drivers and fans not going to Boone a chance for one final race before the  Fall Specials start.

The Seymour Speedway is a featured member track of, a website dedicated to bringing fans the best possible coverage of local shirt track racing.


                                    BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap Feature  l Benji LaCrosse   2. Mike Wedelstadt   3. Jason CzarapaTA  4. Brad Lautenbach   5. MaRK Joski   6. T.J. Smith

8 Lap Heats  First  l. LaCrosse   2. Jay Matthias 

Second  l. Joski   2. Wedelstadt

                                    COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l  Kyle Frederick   2. Chaz Van ooyen, Jr   3. Travis Van Straten  4.Rod Snellenberger   5. Barry Van Straten    6. Travis Springstroh

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Jeremy Wiitala  2.  Harley Simon 

Second  l. Brandon Czarapata   2. Travis Vasn Straten

Thhird  l. Van Ooyen  2. Springstroh

                                    TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l. Ryan Blank   2. Patty Winkler  3. Jeff Dorschner   4. Paul Ambrosius   5. Alan Schlueter   6, Jeff Jungwirth

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Justin Lindner   2. Dorschner

Second  l.   Ambrosius   2. George Tabalske

                                                IMCA SPOPRT MODS

20 lap feature  1. Beau Handschke   2. Rod Solem  3. Jeremy Cota   4. Kevin Bethke   5. Colten Van Hierden   6. Bruce Belland

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Cota   2. Van Hierden

Second  l. Lucas Lamberies   2. Belland

                                                4 CYLINDER

15 Lap feature  l. Jeremy Czarapata  2. Cody Hungerford   3. Tyler Hungerford   4. Matt Brehmer   5. Tanner Westphal   6. Rachel Czarapata

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Harley Diedrick   2. Cody Hungerford

Second  l. Westphal   2. Jeremy Czarapata

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