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June 14 Results

Seymour June 14 Results


Seymour- June 14-N.E.W. DIRT finally enjoyed a perfect day and evening for racing.    The track was smooth and fast, a solid, quality field of 118 cars put on an excellent show before the best crown of the season Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.


The Turbo Blue Street Stocks were up first with Tony Everard setting the pace for the opening 2 circuits.    George Tabalske moved into the top spot on lap 3 and led the way for the next 3 laps.   Lexii Ashcraft started mid field and took to the outside line at the start and found it to her liking, making 3 wide passes to move into the top spot on lap 6.   A lone caution appeared on lap 9 and erased the lead Ashcraft had opened.    Tabalske, Ryan Blank, Jared Spaulding, Alan Schlueter and Jeff Jungwirrth were lined up behind.

Schlueter now hooked up on the outside and moved up to the runner up spot with 4 laps left.    Schlueter started to close in on the leader and on the final lap, made a drive to the inside, only to have Ashcraft  be a bit faster  using the outside and collected her first feature win of the season.   Schlueter took the runner up spot followed by Blank, Jungwirth, Spaulding and Matt Warner.


Rookie candidate, Trevor Spaulding, started on the pole of the Budweiser IMCA Modified main and took charge at the start of what turned out to be a non-stop event.    Rob Charapata, Jamie Schmidt, Konnor Wilinski, Chad Bartel and Andy Kleczka  were next after the opening lap.   Schmidt moved into the runner up spot on the second lap and right behind the leader and the pair started tom open a lead on the field.  

The race for third was a multi car battle throughout the race with Bartel,  Charapata and Kleczka, joined by Benji LaCrosse,  Brad Lautenbach, Brian Mullen and Jason Czarapata by the mid point of the contest.    Spaulding ran like a veteran using the high groove to run smooth laps and hold back Schmidt.   On lap 16, slower traffic came into play and Spaulding made a rookie error negotiating around the car that caused him to lose momentum  for a split second, just enough for Schmidt to take advantage and dive inside out of turn 2 to take the top spot.   LaCrosse and  Bartel ran right up on Spaulding, but for the final 3 laps, could not force him into another error.   Schmidt took the checkers for his first feature win of the season.   Spaulding claimed the runner up finish, his best of the season.  LaCrosse, Bartel, Mullen and Czarapata rounded out the top six.


The Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars lined up for their main event with Tom Riehl grabbing the lead for the opening lap before Brian Ambrosuis took charge on lap 2.    A string of 5 cautions over five laps kept the field bunched and close to running out of time to complete the race.  A final restart with 11 laps left saw Barry Van Straten in the lead followed by Travis Van Straten, Ambrosius, Kyle Frederick, Riehl, Rod Snellenberger and Jon Courchaine.   Barry Van Straten was running tight to the inside and Travis took the outside line.  After three laps, Travis inched into the lead and then set out to runaway to collect his second feature of the season here.   Snellenerger took the runner up spot by inches, side by side with Barry Van Straten at the finish line.  Frederick was fourth with Courchaine fifth.    Chas Van Ooyen earned the sixth spot after restarting earlier in the race from the rear.


The O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods took the track next with Jason Ebert taking the lead for the first lap before Brian Bruechert moved into the lead on lap 2.  J.J. Andersen, Travis Arenz, Bill Edler and Dennis Meisler took the spots behind.  By Lap 10, Jeremy Cota, Lucas Lamberies and Brandon Riedner had moved into the top six.   Bruechert and Andersen were in a tight nose to tail battle until lap 13, when there was contact entering turn one, causing Bruechert to spin.   Andersen was able to gather his machine back up but was called for the caution.   Bruechert regained the lead and Andersen restarted from the back.

On the restart, Arenz was able to sweep by on the outside and take the top spot fro 2 laps before Bruechert returned to the lead and then held off Arenz to collect his first ever Seymour Sport Mod feature.  His last feature win here was in the Stock Cars on September 6, 1999.   In the tight battle behind, Cota took the third place finish ahead of Riedner, Lamberies and Meisler.


Brian Johnson started the 4 Cylinder main from the pole and took charge at the start.  Joe Minks, Carl King, Calvin Stueck, Kasey Gross, and Tyler Hungerford were bunched back a little further on the track.

A lone caution slowed the pace on lap 10 with minks, Tanner Westphal, Stueck, Hungerford and Gross behind.    Johnson took off again on the restart, but did not open as big a lead  but was able to stay out front to collect his second feature win of the season.   Westphl took runner up honors.   King came back strong after the restart and took third.  Hungerford ended up fourth with Mike and Jasper Drengler rounding out the top six.


Next week, Coors Light is a title sponsor for the night and GSR Racing Supplies is sponsoring a huge Bike Give away for the kids club.

All five divisons will be in action along with the Thunder Trucks.   Racing at 5:30.




20 Lap feature  l. Jamie Schmidt, Seymour  2. Trevor Spaulding, Greenville  3. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay  4. Chad Bartel, Shiocton   5. Brian Mullen, Seymour   6. Jason Czarapatas, Pulaski

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Rob Charapata, Oconto  2. Jerry Wilinski

Second  l. Andy Kleczka, Suamico   2. Brad Lautenbach, New Franken

Third  l. Konnor Wilinski, Seymour  2. Bartel

                                    COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville  2. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski  3. Barry van Straten, Shiocton  4. Kyle Frederick, Oconto falls   5, Jon Courchaine, Oconto falls   6. Chas Van Ooyen, Appleton

10 Lap Consy  l. Chas Van Ooyen  2. Brandon Gagnon, Little Suamico  3. Harley Simon, Seymour  4. Greg Wichman, Bonduel

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Travis Van Straten  2. Travis Springstroh, Freedom

Second  l  Barry van SAtraten  2. Snellenberger

Third  l. Mike Schmidt, Shawano   2. Brian Ambrosius, Pulaski


                                    O’REILLY AUTO PARTS IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap feature  l  Brian Bruechert, Kewaunee  2. Travis Arenz, Sheboygan  3. Jeremy Cota, Oconto  4. Brandon Riedner,     5. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville  6. Kelsy Hayes, Hobart

8 Lap Heats First  l. Jason Ebert, Clintonville  2. Bill Edler, Sheboygan

Second  l. Lamberies   2. Kevin Bethke, Neenah

Third  l. Cota   2. Bruechert


                                    TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

15 Lap Feature  l  Lexii Ashcraft, Oshkosh  2. Alan Schlueter, Oconto  3. Ryan Blank, Greenville  4. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh  5. Jared Spaulding, Shiocton  6. Matt Warner, Kimberly

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Paul Ambrosius, Seymour   2. Dylan Stedjee, Shiocton

Second  l. Warner   2. Blank


                                                            4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  l. Brian Johnson, Oconto Falls  2. Tanner Westphal, Clintonville  3. Carl King,    4. Tyler Hungerford, Freedom   5. Joe Mikes, Menasha   6. Jasper Dengler, Shawano

8 Lap Heats  First  1. Johnson   Hungerford

Second  l. Westphal  2. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville


Seymour Today, June 14

Seymour, June 14- Looks like we might finally have an all around nice day….once the fog leaves.


Tonight, the Seymour Speedway welcomes Ben’s Small Engine and Rooster’s Pub & Grub of Nichols as the title sponsors for a full 5 division program.  


Budweiser IMCA Modifieds, Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars, O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods, Turbo Blue Street Stocksa ands 4 Cylinders will be joined by the Spectator Eliminators for a full night of action on the 1/3 mile banked clay oval located at the Outagamie County Fairgrounds in Seymour.


Running order tonight is:

Turbo Blue Street Stocks

Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars

O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods

4 Cylinders

Spectator Eliminators


Pit gates open at 3:30

Pit fee $25.00  discounts for minors

Late sign in at 4:45

Drivers Meeting at 5 PM

Racing at 5:30


Grandstand opens at 4

Adults 19-55 $11.00

Students 13-18, Seniors 55+ $8.00

Kids 12 and under FREE with paid adult.


Hope to see you all tonight at the Seymour Speedway.



Seymour Sunday June 14

Seymour, June 13- Plans are proceeding  for a full racing program tomorrow night at the Seymour Speedway.    Ben’s Small Engine and Rooster’s Pub & Grub of Nichols are the title sponsors for the night.     Along with the Budweiser IMCA Modifieds, Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars, O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods, Turbo Blue Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders, the Spectator Eiminators will be on hand to close the show.


Pit gates open at 3:30

Grandstand at 4

Racing at 5:30 PM.


This weeks running order:

Turbo Blue Street Stocks

Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars

O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods

4 Cylinders

Spectator Eliminators


Watch the track website,, call the track number at 920-833-7726 for weather information.    Also check facebook to get  signed up for the RAINOUT ap.


Hope to see you all Sunday, June 14 at the Seymour Speedway.


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